Welcome to WideCash Peer-to-Peer Payment System

Welcome to WideCash Peer-to-Peer Payment System

Cash transaction is an old traditional payment transaction for current market place. It is also risky for the high cash volume on hand, difficult to organize transaction logs and hardly store cash at the safe place. However, WCH is the digital crypto currency executing on secure block-chain technology which is allowed user to perform immediate cashless payment transaction via Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Andriod and iOS wallet embedding with digital signature feature. User can perform transaction anytime and anywhere to someone without intermediary process and high fee deduction. The transaction is routing around the globe every second by secure transaction, time saving and convenience wallet application on your hand. In addition, all merchants are targeting of WCH for partnership integration in the future of long run business model. 

WCH will be contributed its self to socialization as much as possible in order to eliminate the miserable environment by providing a better environment support and brighten path. When the social environment is growing, all factors that is around the globe extending to high level stage and better way of livelihood to be spreading payment system up-to-date technology norm.

WCH is declared that WCH is not a part of marketing network or pyramid schema or ponzi schema or any fraudulent scheme. WCH is focusing on the blockchain payment system development and innovation for the community and socialization.

I. Vision

Leading peer-to-peer electronic payment gateway system with fast secure transaction.
II. Mission 

To be leading peer-to-peer electronic payment system. Linking up with economic market around the globe to increasing operation scope, technology development, community base and social support.


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